3 customer relations ideas spotted in the wild

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Published on: August 26, 2021
Written by: Patti Rowlson

As marketers, we don’t always need to invent new ways to communicate with customers. Sometimes, we just need to be inspired by others.

Below are some inspiring customer communications notices that were received as a result of recent online shopping experiences. I’ve included some notes about things I like about each example and included some ideas for the types of business that could take inspiration from them.

1. ‘Thanks for purchasing’ note.

Booster Stacks are inspirational mantra cards made for personal use or for gift-giving. Included with one recent order was a personalized thank you card from the company’s founders. The note is simple; it is not polished and perfect, but it gets the point across. I also liked the subtle reference to social media. They did not include a call to action or any instructions for consumers to do anything besides enjoy the cards. The message is clean and simple. 

Where might an example like this be used elsewhere? Local retailers (stuff a card in shopping bags), artists (shipped with every order), hotels (set a “thank you for staying with us” note on the pillow).

2. VIP discount club.

This simple note is about the size of a business card, and it would be affordable to reproduce. I like how the business clearly states what people will get if they sign up: free coupons and discounts.

Examples of businesses that could use membership discount or loyalty club promo notes: restaurants, local garden centers, clothing stores, coffee shops, bakeries.

3. Product info plus review request.

There is a lot on this two-sided note, but the info shared is helpful. I love how this customer relations card included a QR code linked to a product video. It also was clever to include warranty info on the card, letting people know how to get in touch with the business if any issues arise. Then, on the flip side, note the customer satisfaction messaging. The emoji are a fun and eye-catching touch, and it is clear what people should do depending on how they are feeling. This is a nice way to encourage happy customers to leave an online review.

Examples of businesses that could use this type of customer notice: Any business could send out messaging like what is on the customer satisfaction side of the card. The other side would be mainly for companies that manufacture and sell products, either online or in brick-and-mortar locations.

If you need help with designing notes like these or coming up with new marketing and customer relations ideas, reach out to Bellingham PR and Communications. We’re here to help.

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