5 ways a communications consultant can help your business

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Published on: February 7, 2024

Next week is your deadline for creating staff bios for your company’s website. You were assigned that task a month ago, but there you are staring at your computer feeling overwhelmed with no idea what direction to take. It sounds like you need help from a local communications consultant.

A communications consultant, like Bellingham PR & Communications, can help improve internal and external communication processes. Hiring a communications consultant takes the pressure off you to figure out what to say and how best to reach and engage with various audiences.

A consultant understands the ins and outs of corporate branding, PR and marketing across many platforms. They know how to use tools like email, blogging and social media to the best advantage and how to craft clear and strategic messages.

By retaining the services of a local communications consultant, you’ll have access to the help you need when you need it. (They would have been a great resource for help with the staff bio project!)

Here are some ways that a communications consultant can help Whatcom County business leaders:

  1. Brainstorm fresh ideas for business growth. Generating fresh ideas for business growth requires experience and creative thinking. Consultants can provide guidance based on experience and industry knowledge.
  2. Help with messaging, draft company letters to various stakeholder groups. Crafting letters for different stakeholder groups requires a thoughtful approach that addresses their specific needs and concerns. A communications consultant can draft company letters targeted at these stakeholder groups: customers, employees, board members, venders, volunteers and the public.
  3. Help define your goals and develop a strategic plan for achieving them. Defining goals and formulating a strategic plan based on the project timeline can help move projects along.
  4. Create actionable steps, assign tasks, monitor progress. The communications consultant that you hire can serve as an accountability partner to drive projects forward. They can help establish actionable steps, assign tasks and monitor progress.
  5. Polish your brand via professional copywriting and graphic design. Having a strong brand is an integral part of your business. A communications consultant can help write the words that describe your business and services. A local communications pro can create visuals that share information and compliment your brand.

If you are ready to learn more about how a communications consultant can help your business, contact Bellingham PR & Communications. We’re here to help!

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