Patti Rowlson

Patti founded Bellingham PR & Communications in 2009 as a way to serve local businesses that operated in clear, transparent ways. Her primary duties include leading and supporting the team, assisting clients with corporate communications, developing messaging for a variety of public-facing documents, strategizing PR and communications initiatives, coordinating recruitment advertising plans, managing social media, graphic design, and small business branding. She also encourages clients to try new things and keep pushing forward with purpose.
Posts by Patti:
Compete with yourself
Compete with yourself

If you are already succeeding, then focus on that instead of worrying about what potential problems could arise from a bit of competition coming to town.

Expand your network in 15 minutes
Expand your network in 15 minutes

What do you do with business cards you’re given at networking events or in the course of a day’s work? It’s simple. Here’s what you do.

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