How blogging can boost search engine ranking

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Published on: September 21, 2021

When you type the name of your business into Google or another internet search engine, what’s the first result that pops up?

Maybe it’s your website, or maybe it’s a positive story related to your business. But it also might be a business with a name similar to yours.

Even worse, your business might not be on the first page of search results at all.

If you can relate to those latter examples, you might wonder how you can ensure that people searching for your company’s name or a phrase related to your business can find you as easily as possible.

One of the solutions is blogging. By having a blog on your company’s website and utilizing it properly, you improve your chances of being seen earlier in an internet search, simply by virtue of adding fresh content to a webpage.

“Over the years, we have seen that publishing just one well-written, SEO-infused article per month has helped position local businesses on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing,” says Patti Goethals Rowlson, founder and communications director of Bellingham PR & Communications.

The use of SEO (search engine optimization) keywords – words or phrases that are commonly searched for and are relevant to your business – can increase your company’s Google ranking. A blog also can help users spend more time on your website, allow you to link other pages or helpful information into a blog, and, of course, help you educate potential clients.

However, you may not feel you’re the ideal person to write a blog for your company’s website. Or maybe you just don’t have the time.

Regardless of the reason, that’s OK! That’s where a company like Bellingham PR & Communications comes in.

When you use outsourced blogging crafted by professional copywriters who’ll remain anonymous to your readers (otherwise known as white label content), you can feel confident your website’s blog will be crisply written and convey exactly what you want. Not only can blogging help increase traffic to your website, but it also can help drive home your company’s mission to more and more people.

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If you’re interested in blog-related marketing and customer relations, please reach out to Bellingham PR & Communications. We’re happy to discuss how our team of copywriters can help your Whatcom County business.

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