Building brand loyalty: The role of storytelling in public relations

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Published on: July 10, 2024

In today’s competitive marketplace, developing brand loyalty is important. Customers are bombarded with choices and they’re increasingly looking for brands they connect with and feel good about supporting. That is where public relations and copywriting join forces to create marketing storytelling.

As a Whatcom County public relations agency, Bellingham PR & Communications uses storytelling to write informative corporate letters, press releases, website copy, blog articles, advertisements and social media content that builds brand loyalty.

Here are some of the ways storytelling can help consumers connect with your brand:

  • Highlight values and shared experiences. Well-written text can evoke emotion and foster connections with the audience, building brand loyalty through shared values and experiences.
  • Communicate brand values. Compelling narratives inspire consumers to become brand advocates who will promote your brand willingly (and for free). Consistent and effective communication of your brand values can encourage customers to influence others.
  • Differentiate from the competition. A well-told story can help a brand stand out from the competition. By sharing unique stories, copywriting with public relations in mind can create a memorable brand identity—one that sets your business apart.
  • Share “real people” stories. Work with a PR pro to tell stories that showcase real customers who have benefited from your product or service. Write blogs and social media content that highlight your employees, too! Doing so shows the human side of your brand and how it provides solutions and makes a difference in people’s lives.

Highlight your company’s history. Tell the story of how your company was founded and what it stands for. Whether you’re in start-up mode or have been in business for decades, consider crafting a paragraph or a page about your history.

By leveraging storytelling effectively, PR professionals can improve brand perception, foster customer loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth. If you would like help, contact Patti Goethals Rowlson at Bellingham PR and Communications. She has been helping Whatcom County business leaders communicate with various stakeholder groups since 2009.

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