Can Twitter automation harm your brand? Yes it can.

If your staff, or maybe even a social media manager, has suggested using apps to automate Twitter, please reconsider. Twitter automation can do more harm than good. 

Here are two examples of automated content posted to Twitter. These users used an app to send a direct message (private message, not a public tweet) to each and every person that follows their profile, and to thank people for retweeting (sharing) their content.


Note that the app used for this type of automation tags itself in outgoing posts so it’s obvious that the messages are produced by robots (automation apps), not real people. That’s the negative part–keep in mind that social media is supposed to be social and real, not robotic.

This particular Twitter automation app promotes their product by saying it provides a way to “Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships.” The reality is that receiving, or being @ tagged in automated messages that look like the samples above actually annoys real Twitter users. Many of which consider automated messages to be unwanted spam–which is a negative reflection on your brand.

Here’s social proof of what real Twitter users–those who log into their accounts frequently to connect, engage and be social with others–think about being on the receiving end of Twitter automation.


The good news is that when you know better, you can do better–you can stop automating Twitter and start working to make your brand look and feel real. When you’re ready to learn more, visit the Resources page on our website where you’ll find information about current best practices.

Remember, if you need to consult with a local social media marketer or if you need help managing Twitter for your Whatcom County small business…we can help.

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