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Bellingham Cold Storage

Project overview

A bold new website befitting a leader in the PNW marine industry

Bellingham PR & Communications was hired to help refresh and modernize Bellingham Cold Storage’s website.

The new WordPress website includes, among other items, completely updated copywriting, new features to help with operations, an integrated news page for self-publishing, and a careers page to help BCS employees better interact with job seekers.

On the homepage, clear navigation guides customers and other users directly to the information they are looking for. Callouts draw attention to what sets BCS apart in the industry, including its WebOPTICS real-time inventory management system. Fresh content helps drivers and others in logistics better navigate the loading and unloading processes at BCS. The homepage also highlights the longstanding importance of the company in the marine ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest, both through a video explaining the role BCS plays in the fishing and shipping industries and a glance at the long history of Bellingham Cold Storage in Whatcom County.

Scroll down for before-and-after glances at important pages on the Bellingham Cold Storage website.

Before and after

Updated pages reflect new mindset, methodology

Original homepage

While striking, with its animated background and bold text, the original homepage didn’t offer much in the way of information or navigation.

Updated homepage

Clear links to core service categories are a major feature of the new design, which focuses on clear content and user-friendly navigation.

Original news page

Because the original website was coded in static HTML, the news page was an add-on WordPress site that was hosted on a separate subdomain.

Updated news page

The new website was constructed entirely in WordPress, so the news page is integrated into the site. Self-publishing is now easier for BCS staff. Bellingham PR & Communications wrote the informational blog articles published on the website between May 2018 and July 2020.

Original careers page

The original careers page did not include all of the relevant information applicants needed, and it had to be updated via HTML whenever a position closed or became available.

Updated careers page

The new page features informational accordions with fresh content and an integrated job posting system that allows anyone with access to easily post open positions and close filled ones.

SEO-focused website text

Fresh, updated content throughout to enhance readability, SEO

Because Bellingham PR & Communications has experienced editors and copywriters on staff, we were able to strategize and develop all content for the website as it was being developed.

This included the development of informational accordions, page titles and main body text that was clear, concise and infused with SEO keywords. 

Designed for mobile

Created to be read on any device

Highlights of content development for the mobile experience:

  • Immediate focus on the important information, skipping photos that clog screens and bog down load times.
  • Touch-sensitive accordion boxes to allow users easy access to additional information without sending them to additional pages.
  • A hidden menu that can be opened on command.

New content

Additional content for drivers to smooth logistics procedures

In observing BCS social media, we noticed a problem: Truck drivers had lots of questions about loading, unloading and scheduling procedures. To help them out, Bellingham PR & Communications created additional website content to explain procedures and offer self-help assistance to smooth operations and lighten the load on BCS office staff.

Thoughtful website copywriting from an experienced, trusted and recommended team.

Bellingham PR & Communications is composed of Patti Goethals Rowlson, founder and communications director, and Matthew Anderson, editor and content strategist. Collectively, they have experience with PR, copywriting, editing, website tech support, graphic design, email mail marketing, social media management, media relations — all the tools necessary to manage communications for corporations.

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