Copywriting tip: Pivot marketing messages in positive ways

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Published on: February 8, 2017

There is incredible power in the use and arrangement of words

The way you use and arrange words when copywriting for marketing can create different moods. Copywriting can make readers feel calm or irritated. Copywriting can provide clarity or cause confusion.

The way you string words together – forming social media posts, letters, promotional flyers, job descriptions and recruitment ads, website copy and blog articles – has the power to inspire or to offend.

When done with care and strategy, copywriting has the power to cause a person to take action, such as calling to order services, clicking to order a product, or submitting an application for the role you’re recruiting for. That’s the goal!

“I enjoy the challenge of copywriting and word arrangement. Editing out redundancies to create clear messaging, finding ways to turn potentially negative statements into positives, and using honest PR strategies to position a company in the best possible light… That is important work.”
Patti Rowlson, founder and marketing director
at Bellingham PR and Communications

When copywriting is done without an understanding of messaging, strategy or public perception, it can impact your business in negative ways. Ouch!

It’s important that the person who is writing marketing copy for your business is experienced and understands how to create positive messaging. You need to trust that they know how to arrange words in thoughtful ways.

Below, you’ll find a few copywriting examples that show how the use of words and pivoting messaging – removing negatives, creating positives, speaking to the reader – can change the tone.

Sample text for a social media post: Give us a 5-star review on TripAdvisor!

Edited messaging:If you had a great meal at our restaurant, please share a review on TripAdvisor. You’ll help travelers and locals find great food when they’re hungry!

What initially came across as a demand – give us a review – was turned into a request for happy diners to share info that would be helpful to others.

Sample text for a recruitment ad: Hours can vary. If circumstances force you to be unavailable for work at specific times, this job won’t be a good fit for you.

Edited messaging:Hours for this role can vary seasonally. This job is a good match for those who can easily and quickly accommodate shift changes.

In the original version, the messaging was harsh and could be taken as a negative. The edited version gets the same point across, but in a positive way. The new messaging uses words that lets applicants know they’ll be successful in the role if they have flexibility.

Sample text for a website homepage: We have been in business for 20 years. We provide plumbing services in Bellingham and do the best quality work in town. You should only hire licensed plumbers.

Edited messaging:You’ll have great peace of mind knowing the job is done right when you hire XYZ Plumbing. We’ve been licensed, insured, trusted and recommended in Bellingham since 2009.

Instead of just stating facts, pivoting the messaging in this situation can reassure consumers that they are making a good decision.

So, what do you think? Can you see how pivoting messaging and rearranging words can change the tone of marketing messages you use for your Whatcom County business? Ready to try changing the mood and tone of your marketing messages? Do it; give it a try!

As always, our team of copywriters is here to help if you feel stuck or overwhelmed by the process. Reach out to our Bellingham marketing firm anytime.

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