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Published on: April 5, 2023

Few things help employees feel more like a part of the team than being a part of regular company communication. For that reason, Bellingham PR & Communications recommends publishing an employee newsletter as a way to keep in touch with staff and to ensure that they know what’s happening at the company and how much their work is appreciated.

Publishing a monthly employee newsletter can be an excellent place to share news of company triumphs, highlight hard-working employees, and share updates on important business changes. Plus, good internal communication can be a real boon to your business by building trust between employees and management.

In no particular order, here are several things that your Whatcom County business can include in an employee newsletter (and why).

CHCC employee newsletter.
  • Industry trends and changes. When big changes occur in your industry — innovative product developments, competitor sales, government regulation updates, etc. — share those with your team to ensure they have access to the latest information. Pro tip: In addition to telling your team the details of what happened, also share why that’s important and what, if anything, they can or should be doing differently.
  • Policy updates or event reminders. Do you have a company-wide drug testing date scheduled? Have you made changes to your business dress code? Are you looking forward to the annual company picnic at Lake Padden or the weekly social outing in downtown Ferndale? A staff newsletter is a wonderful place to keep team members in the loop.
  • Reviews and kind words from clients. A well-written newsletter is a mix of industry news and policy updates (see above) and fun news, such as kudos for team members. When a customer leaves a positive note on Google Maps or drops a comment card in your suggestion box, share that with your team. Seeing how our actions influence the lives of our customers is a powerful motivator.
  • Employee recognition. Does your company have an employee of the month? Include a photo of that employee and a short write-up sharing why that person was nominated. Larger companies might consider choosing one employee from each functional area. In a monthly employee newsletter that BPRC produces for Christian Health Care Center in Lynden, the company’s monthly “Shining Stars” are featured prominently.
  • Puns and tasteful jokes. Everybody loves a good laugh! Consider including a joke or cartoon in each issue. Maybe you could even hold a contest to collect the funniest jokes from your team.
  • New hire information. A photo, name and brief bio of new employees can help them better integrate into the team. Existing team members will be more likely to say hello and strike up a conversation when they already know a bit about them.
  • Retirements and milestones. Celebrate your team! Send longtime employees off with some love. Celebrate marriages, births, promotions and awards.
  • Mission statement and values. Periodically remind your staff of the company mission statement, perhaps even including short company anecdotes that help illustrate why that aspect is important. For example, your company might have core values (BPRC’s are here) that govern how your team is to conduct its work. Share reminders of those values in the newsletter.

Employee newsletters are an important part of an effective business communications strategy. If you have been looking for a way to boost employee morale and share important news via a professionally produced company newsletter, consider reaching out to BPRC in Bellingham. Our graphic design and copywriting team can come up with fun and beautiful ways to share your information, taking that difficult task off your plate. Our goal is to make the production of employee newsletters easy.

Already have an employee newsletter that you’d like an expert eye on? BPRC’s editing services are crucial in helping companies represent themselves well to their teams.

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