Event marketing: How to share company info in public spaces

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Published on: May 11, 2023

While the Internet is a wonderful way to reach people, in-person events often can be more effective.

Why? Think of an in-person event as targeted marketing among people who’ve already expressed interest in what you have to offer.

Anyone you chat with at a public event has already self-selected as a potential customer. Be it a tradeshow, job fair, open house, customer party, info booth or college meet-and-greet, a public event is full of people who already have shown some interest in the topic.

Your task, then, is to convert that person from a potential customer into an actual one. And to do that, you need clear, convincing reasons for that to happen.

Enter the world of physical marketing. Thoughtful display options can accurately and succinctly share what you have to offer.

Here are a few eye-catching and effective public display elements that Bellingham PR & Communications recently worked on:

  • Banner: A large mesh or canvas banner can serve as a backdrop for your area while also announcing important information: the name of your company, a description of your top services, a QR code that links to your job application page, etc. One key to great banner design is to keep it simple (don’t share too much information) and put the most important information at the top, so people standing or sitting in the booth won’t be blocking it during a busy event. Banners can be made to hang on a wall or partition, if one is available, and many also come with freestanding supports.
  • Tablecloth: Designed for fitting folding tables, event tablecloths are excellent branding tools. Consider a solid tablecloth in one of your company colors, and then place a large logo front and center. Remember to buy extras so you’ll always have a backup handy in case of spills or other accidents.
  • Retractable sign: Thanks to modern technology, you can get a beautifully designed sign that is as portable as a briefcase and that sets up in seconds. Consider pairing two signs that complement each other, such as these ones BPRC recently created for a local software company.
  • Rack card: No matter the event, it can be helpful for anyone interested in your business to have something tangible to take with them. Rack cards — designed to fit into display racks, hence the name — are typically higher-quality, glossy pieces of paper that share an overview of your business. Use rack cards to share evergreen information that won’t change often so you don’t have to reprint them for every event.
  • Promotional flyer: These handouts are designed and printed as needed and typically share more transient information — upcoming events, sales, specific product offerings, etc. Be sure to include contact information. QR codes work well here, too.

No matter the event — be it a small networking event in Ferndale, a major tradeshow in Bellingham or a meet-and-greet at one of the colleges and universities here in Whatcom County — physical, branded display items can help tell your company’s story. Please reach out to the team here at Bellingham PR & Communications to discuss how to make your company shine.

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