Five reasons to hire an editor for your business

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Published on: March 24, 2022

Communication has always been an expected part of business. Today, with the use of technology to reach customers and staff increasing by the hour, accuracy in communication has become increasingly critical. Social media, internal memos, emails to clients, staff newsletters, press releases — the written word permeates everything we do.

Here at Bellingham PR & Communications, we get that. It’s right in our name. Not only does BPRC communicate in innumerable ways with those around us, we also help local businesses do the same. BPRC helps companies large and small in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County ensure that business documents and other communications are written well, edited accurately and presented beautifully.

After all, you want to present your company in the best possible light, right?

Here are several reasons to consider hiring an editor to review corporate or business documents:

An editor is a trained and paid professional.

Matthew Anderson, BPRC’s in-house editor, has a master’s degree in communications and media studies and has many years of editing experience, including as editor of the Western Washington University college paper, the local weekly Ferndale Record newspaper, and such international organizations as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Here in Whatcom County, he currently edits Business Pulse magazine, the Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery employee newsletter, the Christian Health Care Center bimonthly newsletter and more. Good editing is a skill, and a trained professional with plenty of experience knows what to look for in a document and how to fix it.

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An editor offers an objective look at your document.

The main goal of a professional copy editor is to improve your work. A fresh and objective pair of eyes on your document can help you find mistakes that had escaped you. When you’ve looked at a document many times, it’s easy to assume what is written there — often overlooking hard-to-spot mistakes. An objective editor can find and fix pesky errors in grammar, word choice, spelling and organization. At BPRC, we work to preserve an author’s voice while also fixing what needs fixing.

An editor can save you time.

As a business leader, you are pulled in many directions. Having someone else handle the challenge of copy editing your important documents and communications frees you for other tasks needed to keep your company running. You focus on what you’re great at, and your editor will, too.

An editor can help you put your best foot forward.

An editor’s jobs are many: improve language use, boost readability, heighten clarity, fix organization and more. When you hire a professional copy editor, you’ll get corporate communications that are free from error and that express what you intend to say.

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An editor can help improve your overall project.

Our skills at Bellingham PR and Communications extend beyond copy editing. We assist with graphic design to help turn your text into something beautiful. We offer communications consulting to ensure your document reaches the right people and in the right manner, identifying target markets and how to reach them. Our public relations advice helps ensure that your brand is positioned well and that communications are designed to elicit the desired responses. We can even assist with crisis communications (in fact, we have extensive experience at crisis work).

For help turning your business documents into something you can be proud of, reach out to the professional editing team at Bellingham PR & Communications. We would love to discuss your project and determine how we can help.

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