How can retaining a PR and communications team help your business?

If you are reading this and wondering whether you should hire a corporate communications team like Bellingham PR & Communications, we have one tip for you: retain the services before there is a critical need.

Proactively retaining a local PR and communications team will ensure that you have the team and the tools you need to communicate with a variety of stakeholders without delay. You’ll also have had time to build consumer and stakeholder loyalty, which can be leveraged in many ways.

The alternative — searching for a communications pro when there is an immediate need — is reactive. In “reactive” mode, you will be rushed in the decision-making process, and you may not be able to work with the PR and communications team of your choice in Whatcom County.

For example, throughout the year — when work volumes are high — Bellingham PR & Communications stops accepting new clients. If you called during those times, we would already be committed to serving existing clients and could not engage or help you with your needs. It is super disappointing for us when that happens, too!

Contracting with BPRC’s team to manage strategic communications on a monthly, recurring basis will position your brand in positive ways; working on a retainer also ensures that you have the team you need when additional needs arise, such as recruitment campaigns, crisis communications, PR planning, etc.

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