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“I am very proud of the relationships that have been formed with local business leaders over the years. Being their go-to person for outsourced marketing tasks for extended periods of time means something. That is one way we measure effectiveness and value.”

– Patti Goethals Rowlson, founder and communications director of Bellingham PR & Communications

Tonja Myers, CHCC administrator

I don’t think of Bellingham PR & Communications as a consulting group, they are truly part of our team!

I trust them to keep confidence when needed, to blow the horn loudly when needed and to be able to discern the appropriate timing for each.

When CHCC made the very difficult decision to close a much-loved program – Northwest Adult Day Health – Bellingham PR & Communications was right there with our leadership team helping us to find the appropriate words and timing to communicate with stakeholders and the community.

Our industry has remarkable challenges in terms of recruiting staff. Recruitment is hard work, especially when it is so very important to find the right people, not just anyone to fill a role. BPRC works closely with our HR department. They advertise job openings in a way that reaches applicants who have a heart for service and understand the importance of the work we do. They target the outreach to be effective as well as efficient.

Lastly, BPRC helps us put our best foot forward with corporate branding. As we update public-facing information, BPRC is our go-to team to “make it pretty.” They make sure our presentations are clear, professional and appealing.

Tonja Myers
Executive director, Christian Health Care Center

Client since 2010

Brandon Hausmann, Alpine Engineering

Putting together a 60-page bi-monthly magazine (Business Pulse magazine) with multiple authors and writing styles is not an easy task, but working with BPRC has made the process a smooth production addition. Overall, I have had a great experience with them and their feedback has been professional, prompt and insightful. I trust them as part of my team that is committed to making sure each issue is as good as it can be.

Whitney Pearce
Art director and production manager, Whatcom Business Alliance

Client since 2019

Charlie Hudson, Hudson Remodeling

Working with Bellingham PR & Communications has been incredibly important to me, especially in the midst of difficult economic times that impacted my industry. Patti’s consistent coaching and encouragement during that time made me want to keep moving forward with marketing; she helped with lead generation and customer relations programs that made a difference.

Bellingham PR & Communications works to keep Hudson Remodeling’s name in front of our target audience by developing content for our website and blog.

Their team’s copywriting skills have directly resulted in better search engine rankings in several key markets; our website investment would not be producing results without her efforts.

I would recommend talking with Bellingham PR & Communications if you need marketing or social media help for your business; the team is personable and easy to get along with, and their services are valuable.

Charlie Hudson
Hudson Remodeling

Client since 2010

Tonja Myers, CHCC administrator

During the pandemic, the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce needed to communicate with our members and the community. I was in a position where I needed to focus my attention on community collaborations, higher-level thinking and strategic planning, so there was not enough time for me to write and publish content for the chamber’s website and social media pages. At the same time, I knew that the chamber needed to keep our members informed during a critical time, so I contacted Bellingham PR & Communications.

Patti performed a digital media review and helped establish a communications plan for the chamber. I was happy with the fresh ideas and insight shared in the review and with the clear, manageable communications plan she presented. After that work was completed, BPRC’s team began sharing ideas and developing consistent content for the chamber’s blog and social media pages. They were able to quickly tune into the voice of the chamber and presented content that was relevant to our members.

BPRC really helped us better the chamber. I have found them to be very easy to work with. They are creative and responsive, and their writing and editing skills are top-notch. For the chamber, outsourcing communications to local pros (and chamber members!) was a wise decision.

Guy Occhiogrosso
Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce

Client 2020-2023

Dave and Claudia VanderHoek

Working with Bellingham PR & Communications has been an absolute lifesaver. Because our nonprofit museum has such a small team, social media management is something that always ends up at the bottom of a long to-do list. Having BPRC help create content that engages our museum visitors has made an enormous difference. It opens up so much time and mental space to know that someone else cares about our mission and our success and is willing to do what it takes to share that with the world.

Abby Whatley
Director of programs,
SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

Client 2017-2023

Claudia VanderHoek, Dave's Sports Shop

We worked with Patti on a very important announcement for our long-time family business recently. She was excellent in all ways; thinking strategically through all aspects of the process. The results were great and we look forward to working with Patti again in the future.

Claudia VanderHoek
Former owner, Dave’s Sports Shop

Client 2020 and 2022

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