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Published on: December 30, 2022

“The first rule of management is delegation,” British TV star Anthea Turner is quoted as saying. “Don’t try and do everything yourself, because you can’t.”

Author and leadership coach John Baldoni put it a different way: “If you want to work 160 hours a week, don’t delegate. But you are going to crash and burn.”

Smart business leaders know when to call in support. Here at Bellingham PR & Communications, we’ve become a company local business leaders call on for help, especially in areas related to marketing, advertising and design.

Recently, for example, our Bellingham marketing and advertising design team worked with the founder of a Whatcom County software development company to help them prepare for an important upcoming conference. This company had an excellent product to sell and ideas for how they wanted their tradeshow booth to look, but company leaders needed help with the practical side — writing ad text, designing retractable banners and handouts and crafting messaging that inspired confidence in the company’s product.

To help small businesses like this one in Bellingham, we at BPRC have worked diligently to build the skills and vision necessary to serve as a one-stop shop for messaging, graphic design, branding, marketing and advertising.

Here’s how BPRC can help small businesses in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden and throughout Whatcom County with outsourced advertising and marketing consulting.

1. Customization. One size rarely fits all. Your marketing needs are unique to your company, product and market. What worked yesterday for Company A in Ferndale shouldn’t be applied directly to Company B in Bellingham. BPRC has the skills to recognize what differentiates each business depending on the myriad factors involved and then is able to craft a custom marketing or advertising plan to fit.

2. Flexibility. Our experience working with  various forms of media — websites, print design, banners, social media, media pitches and many more — are a benefit that can suit your specific company and idea. By working with one marketing partner, you won’t have to call in a new company just because the campaign needed website updates or print design.

3. Speed and efficiency. Because we can do just about everything you need, the process is seamless. Like a design–build construction company that can design the project on paper and then construct it, a one-stop shop like BPRC can craft a plan that works and then move straight into implementation, without having to bring in additional contractors.

4. Community connections. Occasionally, projects arise that require us to coordinate with outside vendors. For example, the software company we just worked with needed two retractable banners for the conference. Thanks to our extensive local connections, we were able to contact a Bellingham sign company that could produce the banners on a tight timeline. BPRC’s design team sourced the sign company, created the banners to spec and then coordinated the print operation. All the software company had to do was sign the invoice and pick up the final product right here in Bellingham.

Business leaders love the convenience of having a go-to team in the marketing industry that can handle almost everything in this arena with just one phone call. If you’re looking for help marketing your large or small business in Whatcom County, please reach out to BPRC.

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