Corporate communications ace –why your business needs one.

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Published on: December 13, 2019

Sometimes you need to share important information with a group of stakeholders – clients, employees, investors, even the general public. You want the message to be clear and accurate; you want the message to relay relevant details and answer questions before they arise.

You know what you want to say, but you find yourself avoiding the writing process because it feels hard to put words to paper. It is hard for you to lay out the information in a concise manner, and you also have doubts about whether your grammar is on point.

You think about how your name will be attached to the info being sent out, so you want the messaging to be polished and professional. That totally makes sense. You are not alone in those feelings!

Today, humans tend to get cranky about misused words and typos. This is an unfortunate truth. At Bellingham PR and Communications we always encourage people to have more grace with others. We’re all human, after all.

That said, messaging that isn’t clear or that includes bad grammar can impact the reputation of a corporation.

It is totally normal for leaders to feel anxious about corporate communications!

For those reasons, even the most incredible business leaders have felt anxiety about corporate communications – writing on behalf of a company, nonprofit or small business. For many, the process of writing is filled with roadblocks and uncertainty, which can lead to overall avoidance.

In these situations, hiring a locally based public relations pro who is experienced with corporate communications can be your best bet.

Corporate writers who think and communicate with PR in mind are an incredible asset. They know how to use words in powerful ways – creating accurate and clear messaging and laying out the information you need to share in a way that makes sense to recipients.

A local writer will have a good understanding of the communication style of your community in which your business is based. That voice is important!

Someone who specializes in corporate communications thinks ahead and anticipates questions that stakeholders may bring up. PR copywriters know to answer those questions in thoughtful ways before they are even asked – including all key info in the letter, blog article, e-News, website content or media piece they are crafting on your behalf.

Spin doctor or truth teller?

Some might refer to corporate communications work as being a “spin doctor” – frequently turning negatives into positives and keeping some information from the eyes of stakeholders.

However, at Bellingham PR and Communications, our writing style is positive, transparent and clear. We work only with businesses and leaders who share these core values. The Whatcom County companies that hire our team are honest and open when mistakes have been made, and they want us to help them share how they are mitigating challenges.

We don’t help put lipstick on a pig.

Since 2009, leaders have hired our PR and communications team to help strategize and plan for a wide range of business messaging.

We’ve written and edited many corporate communication pieces, including:

  • media statements;
  • letters to the editor;
  • letters related to human resources;
  • rate increase letters for customers;
  • corporate compliance documents;
  • website content, including informational articles and page content;
  • radio and print ads;
  • employee newsletters;
  • printed marketing pieces, such as brochures and sales fliers; and
  • email marketing campaigns.

What is the No. 1 tip for hiring a corporate communications pro?

If you are reading this and wondering whether you should hire a corporate communications pro near Bellingham, WA, I have an important tip for you to consider. Retain their services before there is a critical need.

Contracting with a communications team to manage baseline communications on a monthly basis – maybe one informational article for your website and/or an email marketing campaign – will secure a place for your business in their business.

When contracted, they will begin writing fact-based, educational, public-facing content on behalf of your business. Writing about your business before there is a critical need will give the team time to learn the voice of your brand and gain a solid understanding of your industry. Plus, you will be able to build a trusting relationship with the PR team while also having the benefit of high-quality content (written with PR and SEO in mind) delivered to your audience online or via email.

This is a proactive approach to PR and communications that is worth the investment of several hundred dollars per month. Contracting with a corporate communications team means that they are ready when you need them for other tasks; they will be well-versed in your business if a crisis happens or when you need to articulate a clear message to stakeholders.

The alternative – searching for a communications pro when there is an immediate need – is reactive. In “reactive” mode, you will be rushed in the decision-making process. You may not be able to work with the most recommended PR and communications strategist in your area.

For example, a couple of times each year – when work volumes are high – PR Consulting stops accepting new clients. If you called during one of those times, we would already be committed to serving existing clients and could not engage or help you with your needs. It is super disappointing for us when that happens, too!

This article should give you some things to ponder as you explore outsourcing corporate communications. The main decision is whether you’ll take a proactive or reactive approach.

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